<span id='sc'>AidsWatch</span> - World AIDS Day - December 1 - A 24-hour worldwide memorial - Established in order to remind us the battle is not over.  A day to remind us of the lost lives & lost love.

From midnight to midnight on World AIDS Day — December 1st — AidsWatch reminds us that HIV/AIDS is still with us.

AidsWatch is an electronic memorial to those who have died from HIV/AIDS. For 24 hours, the names of thousands of people who have died from HIV/AIDS are shown, one at a time. Each name is shown on the screen for several seconds before fading out and then being replaced by the next name. Presenting one name, one memory, one life at a time, AidsWatch is a subtle, yet powerful art piece. AidsWatch exists because some people still believe HIV/AIDS does not affect them. Sit and watch AidsWatch for five minutes. It will affect you. It will move you.

AidsWatch was first shown on World AIDS Day in 1996 on cable TV access channels and continues to be shown on various cable TV channels every December 1st since then. (Some of these channels may also available as streaming video on the internet.) And the AidsWatch web presentation appears on this website on World AIDS Day from midnight to midnight, wherever you are in the world.

The public is invited to contribute names to AidsWatch. To submit a name of someone who passed away from HIV or AIDS, go to the web site at www.aidswatch.org and click on the "add a name" link. Names may also be submitted via e-mail to aidswatch@aol.com.

Click here to view a special sample of the AidsWatch presentation.